Diane Martin

Chief Executive of TRUST


Jennifer offered our service her unique talents as a gestalt therapist and we were extremely pleased. Our clients are complex and come from very varied and diverse backgrounds. They have issues ranging from depression, esteem and anger issues, to substance misuse and personality issues. Jennifer demonstrated adaptability. She also showed that Gestalt can be used as a short, medium and long term therapeutic intervention, which was a learning experience for me as, s I had previous thought short term interventions, as an example, was the province of CBT and Motivaton Interviewing.

Service Manager


Jennifer is our resident counsellor providing our service with an assured skill and professionalism that we are lucky to have. Our clients are varied and present with a range of issues and a range of complexities. Jennifer offers them a caring, supportive, empathic yet challenging relationship which makes her a valued member of our service.

Chris Robin: Service Director


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